The ABC of TV

Para aqueles que possuem mais fluência em inglês – e são aficionados em TV – deixamos uma lista com termos bastante específicos da televisão, em ordem alfabética.

  • AD-PUB — relating to the advertising and publicity department of a motion picture studio;
  • BOW — opening or premiere;
  • CLIFFHANGER — a melodramatic adventure or suspense film or TV show. Usually a serial with a to-be-continued ending;
  • DUCATS — tickets;
  • EMCEE — master of ceremonies (M.C.);
  • FLOP — (also floppola) failure at the box office.
  • GREEN LIT — Process that follows after a script has been developed and moves into production;
  • HIATUS — an interruption of series, a short pause so the actors and producers can rest, not necessarily at the end of a season.
  • INSERT — Pick-up where a short segment of script is reread from one point to another;
  • JINGLE — a short phrase of music usually with lyrics used in commercials.
  • KIDVID — children’s television;
  • LAUGH TRACK — audience laughter that is recorded to be played back when a TV show is aired;
  • MULTI/MEGAPLEX — a movie theater with 2-16 screens/more than 16 screens;
  • NARROWCAST — network or programming aimed at a specialized audience; the opposite of a broadcast;
  • OZONER — drive-in movie theater;
  • PLOT TWIST — a great and sudden change in the story. With a single event, everything changes;
  • Q RATING — ad research rating that checks how easily a celebrity is recognized,
    and how well the celebrity is liked;
  • REISSUE — a film released again by a studio after its initial release: “The reissue of ‘Star Wars’ “;
  • SPOILER — someone or something that ruins the pleisure of watching a movie or serires, because he/she tells you the end of the story.
  • TENTPOLE — Movie expected by a studio to be its biggest grossing blockbuster of the season, usually summer.
  • UPFRONT — commercial time sold in advance, before the TV season;
  • VOICEOVER — offscreen narration, like in animated productions;
  • WRAP — to finish production of a movie or serie;
  • XXX — Pronounced “triple X”. It means something wildly exciting as such a stunt, trick, or thrill.
  • YAWNER — a boring show;
  • ZITCOM — a television comedy aimed at teenagers.

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